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Fay and Jacob were about 3 weeks into senior year at Olivet Nazarene University and all Jacob had heard from my friends was, “Hey, did you know Fay Proehl is single!?!?”. Jacob didn’t know who Fay was, but from the sounds of it he knew she must have been a big deal. They had both been at Olivet for 4 years, but never met until they were working an event called Paint Was. He was working for the Intramural Department as a referee and she was working for the Rec Center. Their stories of how they first officially chatted are a little different, he swears they rode together in the back of a golf cart and chatted for a little bit. She doesn’t believe that ever happened. But they were paired together to work on the same field and Jacob was smitten from the start, he says he felt like a total goofball around her, especially that day, but it worked and Jacob eventually got the nerve up to ask Fay on a date.

After weeks of not running into each other on campus, fate stepped in and Jacob happened to walk into the Rec Center and saw her doing homework there, which she never did! Jacob took this opportunity to ask her out on a date, she said yes, to what happened to be the third date she was asked on THAT DAY. But she didn’t say yes to anyone but Jacob! They went out for pizza, talked, found out they had the same morals, hobbies, interests and just clicked right away. But after hearing the story, I think it was Jacob rapping on the way home that really sealed the deal for Fay. And Jacob asked her to be his girlfriend in Chicago after a day of ice skating, eating great food and a temperature of 3 degrees. And once Fay said “Sure”, they shared their first kiss.

And you could say the rest is history!! Their wedding day was absolutely beautiful. What was the rainiest weekend in Northern Indiana turned out to be a beautiful day with a little sunshine and NO RAIN for them. So excited to share with you!

Oct 11, 2019

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