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You're Engaged! Congratulations! I'm Cat, an engagement photographer in South Bend. I am so excited you are here and so happy that you and your man are planning the wedding of your dreams. So let's get your love in front of my camera and show it off to the world!

I have been photographing weddings since 2010. I LOVE love and I enjoy capturing brides and grooms unique love stories through all those pretty little details you so painstakingly planned. And I hope that by the end of your experience, we can grab a coffee or lunch because we feel like friends when the wedding day is over!

I know that there are so many options for brides, from the flowers to the cake and to all those little details - which can be so tough to navigate! My goal as a wedding photographer is to not only provide you with the best wedding day experience and timeless images, but to also help provide you with the knowledge I have of vendors, timelines and everything in between. I am totally a resource to you during this process!

I want to give you the complete peace of mind that I will be there to capture all those special moments on your wedding day as well as all of the little details (which I love) as little as they may seem. Wedding days FLY by and after the I do's are said, the cake is eaten, and the dancing is over, all you will have left are the photographs to look back on. I want to make sure that our photos are family heirlooms that can be passed down to generations of family.

So are you ready to grab a coffee and chat about why you want to share your man’s last name?

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Frequently Asked Questions

all about engagement sessions


We have already had an engagement session, is there a discount on your packages if we don't include one?

That's awesome! The more pictures of you and your guy, the better! I include engagement sessions as part of my packages as a complimentary service.  I highly recommend having an engagement session with your wedding photographer.  It helps us get to know each other, get comfortable with one another and it's a trial run for the wedding day.  For that reason, there are no discounts for not doing one.



Outfits - how many should we have and what should they look like?

I recommend 2 outfits.  A dressy outfit and a more casual to business casual outfit.  When you book your wedding with me, I will send out an engagement session guide that walks you through some great outfit choices so you know some tips on what to do but also what doesn't photograph well. But remember, the most important thing is to look like yourself and to be COMFORTABLE!



What time of day will our session take place?

I only photograph engagement sessions in the evening, starting around 2 hours before sunset.  This is the best time of day for lighting and helps me achieve the light and airy style that we love. With that said, the season we photograph your session in dictates the start time.  Summer sessions typically start around 7:30 while Fall sessions start around 4:30pm.



We are not models and have never been in front of a camera before. I am worried about looking good in photos..

Do NOT worry! 99.9% of couples have never been in front of a camera before and that's okay! I will direct you, tell you how gorgeous you look (because trust me, YOU DO!!) and get you to naturally interact with one another. We'll laugh and have fun and I will capture your love story authentically.  My goal at the end of it is for you to walk away feeling like you're models but most importantly saying how much fun you had!



Do you travel for engagement sessions?

Of course! I want to make sure your engagement session is somewhere that is special to the two of you. Many of my couples are in the Chicago area! I do travel to Chicago at no additional charge, but anything outside of 90 miles from South Bend, there is a small travel fee added.



Do we need to bring anything?

Just your beautiful selves and that ring! Props are not necessary.  You two are the stars of this show and I want to showcase that. Pets are okay (see next slide) and you're more than welcome to bring some bubbly to pop and sip, but other than that, I want to keep the focus on you and your man.



Can we bring our dog(s)?

I am 100% a dog person! If you're okay with me wanting to snuggle your dog and give them kisses, by all means bring them along! If you decide you want your dog in some engagement photos, make sure to bring a friend or family member along to take the dog back to your home when we're finished with them.  We will do about 15 minutes at the start of the session with your fur baby and then we'll need the rest of the time distraction free to focus on your photos.



What's your favorite time of year to do your sessions?

Spring, Spring and more Spring. Fall is great too! But I can't deny I love the beautiful blooms of spring. There is something about fluffy white and pink blossoms that just makes my heart happy. But all seasons have their benefits and I am happy to photograph in all seasons!



How many locations will our engagement session be in?

1-2 locations is all we'll need.  One location is usually sufficient for an engagement session.  However, depending on the variety and style of photos you want, we might consider adding on a second location to your engagement session. We will chat about your vision for the session and what city they will be in and that is when we can decide and discuss what location(s) we'll shoot at.



I just can't wait to see the photos, when will they be done?

You will see some sneak peeks the day after your session and your preview blog post will be up within the week.  Editing of the full gallery takes about 2 weeks and then they'll be yours forever!



What happens if it calls for rain on the day of the shoot?

During the busy season (April-October) I always schedule 2 dates for engagement sessions.  One being the official date and one being a rain makeup date.  If it calls for rain 24 hours before the day of your session, we'll just plan on photographing on your rain makeup date!



How long do the sessions last?

Plan on being at the session for 1-2 hours.  I like to photograph until the very last bit of light possible. Once we get rolling, it's really hard to stop!