Warsaw Biblical Gardens Engagement Session | Di and Zach


Di and Zach went to the same college, but never met. Zach was older than Di, but they had a lot of the same mutual friends, including Zach’s sisters. Di has always heard so many wonderful things about Zach, his friends spoke highly of him. Di was scrolling through social media when she finally saw a photo of Zach from his sisters wedding and she was instantly hooked on the idea of meeting him. So, as any girl would, she scrolled through his photos, liking old ones, trying to casually get his attention. Mostly to let him know she was interested in him. It worked and he messaged her and from there they talked non stop and dated long distance for a year and a half before he proposed on Christmas Eve and she moved to Connecticut shortly after. And now, in just 3 short days they will be getting married in Di’s hometown at the church she attended growing up. Followed by a party with their close family and friends at The Wooded Knot!

Their Warsaw Biblical Gardens Engagement session from last month got me so excited to work with them on their wedding day. Their love for each other RADIATES. You can tell they are absolutely smitten with each other and are looking forward to every aspect of the wedding day together. It’s going to be so good! So stay tuned for that, but for now, enjoy these precious people and their engagement photos!

Aug 9, 2022

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