Mary and Brett | Silver Beach Engagement Session


Who loves surprises? I know not everyone does, but Mary happens to love them! In fact, Mary and Brett frequently go on dates that Brett plans. Mary has no clue what the date with consist of, but ususally it’s a fun activity like a dancing to live music, catching a comedy show or exploring a museum. It’s followed by a new restaurant with a fun food they’ve never tried before. And he makes sure to pack those dates with a bunch of little surprises for Mary! And his proposal was no different!

Brett and Mary first met on a party bus. They were with a bunch of friends and didn’t talk until they stepped off the bus. And when they did start talking, they hit it off instantly. Mary and Brett went on their first date to the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights. (Side note, this is on my to-do list this winter with my kiddos!) And from there they just loved being around each other. They knew within a few months of dating they had something truly special.

So when Brett was ready to propose, he planned it all out. They started by going to the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights (their first date), then they went by the place they had their first kiss. After that, they walked to the very spot that party bus dropped them off and there Brett got down on one knee. He asked Mary to be his wife in the very spot they first met. After, he surprised her with all her family and friends at a local restaurant.

I can’t wait for their wedding, in FIVE days! It is going to be a beautiful celebration and I am just too excited!

Jul 27, 2020

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