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Well, hi! If you don’t know already, I’m Cat, a wedding photographer based in South Bend, Indiana but serving all over the midwest! I have been photographing weddings for nearly a decade now and from that experience I have really focused in on my strengths as a person and business owner and have used those to help create powerful connections with all of my brides and grooms. I love what I do and I love serving all of you, so if you want to know what you can expect from me as your wedding photographer, look no further and read below!


From the start of the inquiry process to the gallery delivery, I make sure that communication is never lacking. I have a pretty hard time sleeping if I know that emails are unanswered. I try my hardest to get back to you within 24 hours of your email, but I definitely try to respond the same day. I don’t want anyone to have to wait on me to make their plans or decisions. I want to make sure you feel loved and cared for from the start, and if that means answering an email at midnight, so be it! I just want you to feel like I am being attentive to you and your needs throughout the entire planning process. I am here for YOU so never feel bad about emailing me with any questions you might have!


I have been photographing weddings for almost a decade now. I have come to learn the ins and outs of wedding days pretty well. I know what to expect and when to expect it and I can anticipate what’s going to happen before it happens. When you book with me, I always want you to know I am more than just your wedding photographer, I am a resource to you and your planning process. From the very start, I send all my couples a wedding guide that includes a lot of useful information about wedding days including, preferred vendors (because we have worked with a lot and want to recommend the very best to you!), timeline samples, family photo lists, rainy wedding day tips, engagement session tips & outfit guides, and so much more. After you have time to look through that, I also send personalized timelines to every one of my couples so you know from the start how much time we’d need for wedding photos and so you can plan your day accordingly. You’ve never planned a wedding before, so I find that it is super helpful to know those time stealers before your wedding times are completely set it stone. I am also there for you when you need any advice on times, colors, vendors, outfits, etc. As one of your wedding vendors, I want to make sure you’re taken care of and you feel at ease on your wedding day – so ask me anything – I am here for you girl!


As the wedding vendor that spends the most time with you on your wedding day, I will always be on your side to cheer you on and make sure you are feeling all the butterfly feelings you should on your wedding day (and not stressed). Not only on the day but before and after the wedding day as well. Feeling stressed out on the wedding day? I will be there to help calm the nerves and assure you that everything will be PERFECT. Need to find your mom, wedding planner, dj, etc? Tell me, I will go find them and make sure they get to you. Consider me an honorary bridesmaid. I am there to serve you and cheer you on right alongside your besties. And after the wedding, I am going to continue to cheer for you and your husband as you continue your beautiful lives together and when you decide to grow your family, I will be right there excited for you every step of the way!


That’s right, I have been photographing weddings since 2010. It seems so unreal when I say that. But I photographed my first wedding in 2010 and went full time in 2011! I have witnessed and been a part of just about everything you can imagine when it comes to weddings. I know how to anticipate your needs and I am here to help make sure your wedding day goes off without a hitch. Forgot bobby pins or a bead popped off your dress? Don’t stress – I have an emergency kit that includes just about everything you might need during the day. I can’t tell you how many times the emergency kit has been called upon and I am always so happy that I have it. There are so many moving parts and variables on wedding days, I truly believe that it’s important to have an experienced wedding photographer on your side so things don’t get missed or overlooked. Wedding days can be unpredictable sometimes and I am ready and prepared for any situation and I am confident that no matter what your photos are going to be amazing!


From our very first meeting, my goal is to get to know you and your fiancee on a personal level. I want to know what you do, who you are and all about your love story. Then when we work together on the engagement session, I really like to make sure I am not only taking amazing photos that you’ll love, but I am witnessing how you interact with each other and what gets you two laughing or looking at each other with all the heart eyes. That way, on your wedding day I can truly personalize the photos to reflect your personalities and how you are naturally with one another. I want your wedding photos to reflect you. Your wedding is so personal from the colors, the flowers, the details, and the portraits should also be a reflection of who you and your future hubby are.


After the gallery has been delivered it can sometimes feel like a breakup. We have worked together for so long that it gets a little sad delivering the last gallery, even as excited as I am to share the photos! But, I do feel better knowing that throughout the process we have become friends. My goal is to be more than a wedding vendor, but someone who really cares for you and is cheering for you in every step of your lives together. Because I do care and I am cheering for your success! I can truly say that I have built an amazing group of support (shoutout CABrideTribe!) and it is one of the best parts of the job. I get to meet and work with the very best couples and it is such an honor to be able to call you friends at the end of the process.

I absolutely love what I do and I can’t wait to be a part of your wedding day. It’s an honor to serve you and share my passions and turn them into beautiful family heirlooms that you can share for generations. Thank you for trusting me with your forever moments!

xo, Cat

Jan 13, 2020

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