Ashley and Calvin | Goshen, Indiana Wedding


Where do I even start with Ashley and Calvin! These two are of the sweetest, most fun loving, genuine people I know. Their wedding day reflected that with ease. Everyone gathered to celebrate the two of them. Ashley’s family traveled from Iowa to be there with her while Calvin celebrated with his family and friends at his home church. They met when Ashley came to Yellow Creek with a friend and they hit it off. They talked and dated and knew that they wanted to be together. And when Calvin was ready to propose, he did so in one of the most romantic ways I have ever heard!

Calvin’s mom, Karen, is an avid gardener among other talents, and she has this rare flower that only blooms at night and then wilts in the morning. It is called a Night Blooming Cerus and she often has viewing parties with friends when she knows a flower is going to bloom and Ashley has been a regular during the viewing parties. Calvin’s mom had the ring ahead of time and when she knew for sure it was going to open that night she texted Calvin and he had let Ashley know beforehand that they were going to have a romantic night with wine and snacks on the patio to see the flower bloom. Calvin’s mom used tweezers to slip the ring inside the flower bloom – so that when it opened, Ashley found the ring inside the flower and Calvin asked her to marry him. WHAT A PERFECTLY PLANNED PROPOSAL!

And their wedding day just reflected their love for each other, their thoughtfulness for one another and the love that surrounds them. I am so happy that I was able to capture such a beautiful day for these two!

Jun 25, 2019

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