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Pinch me! Go ahead, pinch me, because I CANNOT believe that this is my job. I know I have said it time and time again but it’s true. I get to go to amazing places and photograph beautiful people and call it work. This past weekend I flew out to Phoenix to do Ruth and Kendell’s engagement photos at Papago Park.

Ruth and Kendell are so fun, loving, full of joy and laughter. They were an absolute DREAM to photograph. Not only that, but the sunlight out west is COMPLETELY different from the sun here in Indiana. I have always heard that but never believed it. It’s softer and glowier. It doesn’t bounce off of dark green grass and trees but off of tan rock and sand. It’s just totally magical. And as a result, I had the hardest time picking which photos to share for this blog post. But I managed to narrow it down and I am so proud of these!

Ruth and Kendell, thank you again for flying me out to AZ for the weekend and allowing me to capture these sweet moments. I enjoyed every second of our time together and I left feeling like I made two new friends. And that is the best feeling that a wedding photographer can have. I just know that capturing their wedding this fall at Morris Park Country Club is going to be an absolute blast!

Engagement Photos at Papago Park

Now do you see why I had such a hard time narrowing it down? Ruth and Kendell are models, the lighting was perfection and the Arizona landscape speaks for itself. I am so ready for the 2023 season. This just totally sparked my passion for capturing couples during such a special time in their lives. Get Ready because this year is going to be GOOD!

Mar 24, 2023

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