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It all started when Abby and Garrett happened to be out at the same dive bar in South Bend. Abby was out with friends celebrating the end of midterms, and Garrett was celebrating his LAST day in town before leaving on tour with a band he was drumming in. Garrett saw this cute girl sitting at the bar, all of his friends knew Abby and Garrett asked them if Abby had a boyfriend, she didn’t so he started talking with her throughout the night and he added her on Facebook and they just kept chatting. He went home and told his family that he had just met the most beautiful girl at the bar, but it wasn’t until he brought her home for Christmas that they all realized THIS was something special.

And about a year later, after spending Christmas Eve with his family he proposed. Abby was exhausted and ready for bed, but Garrett had different plans. He lit candles, turned on a romantic playlist and got her a glass of wine. Abby wasn’t feeling the greatest but Garrett told her he was going to give her one of his Christmas gifts early, she didn’t think about of it. So he grabbed his glass of wine and got down on one knee to propose a toast (Abby still not thinking anything of it…). He made his toast explaining the ways he loves her and pulled out the box, opened it and asked her to spend forever with him.

And obviously, she said yes! And on August 28th we finally celebrated them and their little baby girl that’s due in January! The day was filled with love, laughter and tears. And the way Garrett looked at Abby, it’s the way all girls want to be looked at by their husband! I am so excited to share this day with you (a little late) but better late than never!


Photography: Cat Alkire | Venue: The Brick | Florist & Rentals: Burns | Invitations: Truly Engaging | Band: Blammo | Videographer: TJ21 | Catering: Linden Grill | Hair: Beauty and Bliss | Makeup: Jackie DuBois | Cake: Vanessa Renteria | Dress: David’s Bridal | Bridesmaids: David’s Bridal | Groom: Louie’s Tux Shop | Rings: JR Fox

Sep 21, 2020

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