Amanda and Brandon | Notre Dame Engagement Session


It was 14 years ago when Amanda and Brandon met through mutual friends. They have always been great friends, enjoying reading, hikes and watching Classic Hollywood Movies together. Side Note: I could talk about Casablanca and An Affair to Remember ALL. DAY. LONG., but I won’t carry on about my love for those films, but I will carry on about these two! They remained good friends but never dated. That is not until Brandon got the courage to ask Amanda on a date 2 years ago and she was thrilled! She always secretly hoped he would ask her out. There was a resounding cheer from all their friends because they knew how right they were for each other.

And in October in front of all those friends and family, they will get the moment they’ve been waiting for. She will walk down the aisle to “the most kind, loving, and wonderful man” she’s ever met. It’s going to be so special to be a part of and I just can’t wait to capture it all! But until then, enjoy some sweet moments from their engagement session. It was just a perfect night walking around ND with these two, I could have chatted all night with them, but I knew they had a long drive back home to Indianapolis ahead of them! Can’t wait for October!

Jun 24, 2020

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