Amanda & Eric // Knollwood Country Club Wedding


Amanda & Eric
June 20, 2015 • Granger, Indiana
Knollwood Country Club

I have been patiently waiting until Amanda and Eric were back from their honeymoon to post a preview of their wedding day.  Now that they have settled in back in the states HERE IT IS!  It was such a beautiful day in June!  We started with their first looks out on the terrace at Knollwood Country Club, we then focused on photos of just A+E soon the wedding party joined us, for photos and before we knew it, the ceremony was less than an hour away. Eric sang to Amanda as she walked down the aisle, a song he wrote for this occasion.  They met at the end of the aisle, excited to finally say I do.  They prayed, laughed, exchanged vows and rings and become Mr. & Mrs! The reception was outside as well where a food truck served guests burgers, hot dogs and fries, and soon the night was over and they were dancing the night away, in the rain.  It was a good day. Tears were shed, cocktails were drank, cigars were smoked and most importantly love was celebrated.  This is just a small preview of their beautiful day! Enjoy! 

Jul 2, 2015

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  1. Jess Miller says:

    BEAUTIFUL. So gorgeous! All of it!

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